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  • Raising Kids in the Entertainment Age

    1 video  |   Buy $12

    This current generation of kids are being raised in the Age of Entertainment. With the introduction of the internet & the smartphone fueling this culture, entertainment has become the grand epicenter of today’s age.

    The dangers of entertainment are deadly serious and can have devastating consequ...

  • Back to the Word on Marriage Series

    8 videos  |   Buy $30

    Marriage, it is a lifelong covenant established by God Himself. Yet, our culture has taken this sacred covenant so lightly and flippantly.

    It is time we as believers toss out the lies and deceptions. It is time to treat marriage with the honor and reverence such a sacred and holy covenant deserv...

  • Agent 316 Series
    8 videos  |   Rent $50   |   Buy $100

    Agent 316 Series

    8 videos  |   Rent $50   |   Buy $100

    What is truth?

    Agent 316 has been part of the Agency for many years. His quick wit and tact have made him one of the most successful agents in the Agency. Yet, when the Agency sends him on an unusual case, he is challenged to reevaluate what he has come to believe is truth...

  • Two Friends, Two Different Destinies

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    Luke and Dale are living the American dream. 

    Golfing two to three times a week, driving nice cars, owning big and modern houses, and purchasing all the latest and greatest technology. They have everything they could possibly want and even more. 

    But all that is about to change. 

    On a drive ba...