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The World of Arrethtrae

  • Kingdom's Edge

    Sir Cedric and his friend Sir William set out to Chandril to share the message of the Prince with the people of Chandril. But upon arriving they find a hostile, even dangerous spirit, from the people there. Will their mission succeed or end in tragedy?

    Watch "Kingdom's Edge" to find out!


  • The Battle of Bel Lione

    Lord Ra, his Shadow Warriors, and his Vincero knights have imprisoned many of the youth at Bel Lione for many years. But now the brave Sir Kendrick, Sir Duncan, and Sir Landor, a former Vincero knight of Ra, rise up in the power of the Prince to free Ra's prisoners and destroy one of Lucius' stro...

  • The Prince

    What do you do when all seems to be falling apart? When it seems that evil has won? When you don't know how to go on? When fear creeps in? When your faith may cost you your life? Do you cave-in...or stand firm?

    Because of Jesus Films is pleased to present, "The Prince."

    Created for the 2014 Pe...

  • The Final Stand

    Rowan and Lijah have received a call to the proclaim the Prince's imminent return in the last days to all peoples…no matter the cost.

    Based on Revelation 11.

    Created for the 2015 Perfect Praise Publishing Video Contest.

    To God alone be the glory!

    "Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your na...

  • Called

    We all receive a call in our lives, how will you respond?

    Gavin is dedicated to serving the King with his life, yet the abrupt arrival of the Stranger turns his life upside down.
    Faced with an upheaval of kingdom proportions, Gavin sets out to destroy the Followers of the Stranger, yet will it c...

  • Imprisoned and Free

    Behind bars, all seems lost for Sir Si Kon, Lady Carliss and their mission for the Prince.
    Yet is all indeed truly lost?

    Created for the 2017 Perfect Praise Publishing Video Contest.

    Based on Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue by Chuck Black from the Knights of Arrethtrae Series.

    To God a...

  • The Defining Call

    There is a moment we all face a defining call in our life. A time, where we will either chose the King or the ways of this world.
    I implore you young knight, choose wisely!

    Our entry to the 2018 Perfect Praise Publishing Video contest.
    Based on The Kingdom Series & The Knights of Arrethtrae by ...