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  • Under God?

    One nation under God, a statement we throw out all the time, yet is that what this nation really is?

    This six minute film, presented in what we are calling an edusermontainment (edu-sermon-tainment) film, addresses this question.

    Note: We recently were made aware of the following regarding a q...

  • Debunking Evolution

    Evolution-we hear all about it in today’s culture, but does it even have a chance?

    To God be the glory!
    Romans 1:20

  • Debunking Abortion

    Abortion, a right or just plain wrong?

    It is a hot topic in today's culture. Opinions vary, debates can be heated, both sides claim they are right. Yet, when you pull back the curtain, who's right?

  • Memorial Day (2015)

    Memorial Day, a day we gratefully remember those who fought and continue to fight to preserve our freedom.

    To all the veterans out there, thank you! This video is dedicated to you!

    John 15:13