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Behind the Scenes of Stop-Motion Films

  • Test Videos, an Essential to Filming

    Welcome to our first-ever, behind the scenes video, "Test Videos, an Essential to Filming!"

    With deleted scenes from "The Battle of Bel Lione," test videos from before and after "The Battle of Bel Lione," and "Two Friends, Two Different Destinies" this behind the scene video has a lot put into i...

  • Behind the Scenes of The Battle of Bel Lione

    What's it like creating a behind the scenes video for a film you created nearly seven years ago?

    The answer to that question is this video right here. :)

    Enjoy and to God alone be the glory!

  • Behind the Scenes of The Prince

    You know that feeling of starting a brand-new project? It is your first day and you are SO excited!

    Then, after working on said project, you find everything you did starting off is ruined?
    Well, that was the opening challenge for "The Prince."
    Yet, God was faithful and carried us through.


  • Behind the Scenes of Missionary Penny

    Join BOJF as we explore behinds the scenes of our film, Missionary Penny!

  • Multiplying Trees in Missionary Penny

    Sometimes you just don't have enough of something to go around in filmmaking. In this case, trees.

    Join BOJF in the editing room, as we share how to digitally multiply your set pieces.
    We use this technique all the time in our stop-motion films. It is a great skill to learn as it enables you to ...

  • Behind the Scenes of What is Christmas?

  • Behind the Scenes of What is Christmas? (2017 DVD Release)

  • Behind the Scenes of The Final Stand

    From green screens to masking to crowd duplicating to special effects, we walk through the processes we used to create this film. A lot of firsts were tried for BOJF in this film and we were indeed blessed in the grace the Lord gave us as we waded through those firsts.

    To God alone be the glory!

  • Behind the Scenes of Called

    This film was our first film we used mini LED lights for lighting our sets.

    it brought fun and new challenges to the filmmaking process, as well as many creative lighting setups that weren't possible before.

    Also discussed is digital set-building and some green screen.

    Enjoy and to God alone b...

  • Behind the Scenes of Two Friends, Two Different Destinies

    Two Friends, Two Different Destinies was created in 2013 as our first short film that was written by BOJF.

    In 2016, we revamped the film for a film festival. This was our first revamp of a film and proved to be quite the challenge.

    We discuss the revamp as well as look behind the scenes in thi...

  • Behind the Scenes of Sacrifice - A Star Wars Story

    The official Behind The Scenes video of our film "Sacrifice A Star Wars Story."

    Get an in-depth tour of our first film to feature LEGO! Also, Includes deleted shots that did not make it into the final cut of the film.

    Note: This film is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by LEGO, Disney, or ...

  • Behind the Scenes of Imprisoned & Free

    Night time lighting is always tricky to recreate in a movie. In our stop-motion film, Imprisoned and Free, this was the greatest challenge we faced. In this behind the scenes video, we talk about that challenge and the techniques we used to recreate moonlight and flickering torches inside a dunge...

  • Behind the Scenes of The Defining Call

    Set up and tear down, set up and tear down, set up and...well, you get the idea. :) In this behind the scenes video, we break down the challenges of creating a film with a large amount of sets and give some of our tips and tricks when it comes to green-screen.

    To God alone be the glory!