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The Elements

  • The Elements (Fan Music Video)

    We are facing the elements in this crazy world as we seek to walk out our faith in the Lord.

    Because of Jesus Films is honored to present, "The Elements" (Fan Music Video) by TobyMac.

    To God alone be the glory!

  • Behind the Scenes of The Elements

    Working in the snow, aka baking soda, is always a challenge. Risky for one's camera too.

    Yet, the risks were certainly worth it for the final film.

    In this behind the scenes video, we walk through building a wintry set, filming in it and then editing it in post.

    Enjoy and to God alone be the g...

  • Behind the Scenes Photos from The Elements

    Behind the scenes photos are always fun. They give a unique perspective and vantage point one doesn't see in the final film.

    And yes, playing in the "snow" is always fun! :)

    To God alone be the glory!

  • The Story Behind The Elements

    Do you and I turn to the Lord for His strength, in the elements of life we daily face?

    This film was a very personal one to create. For recently, I've experienced the elements in my life unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

    May the truth of God's Word and the power of God strengthen...