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Here at Good Report news, we present a cultural big picture instead of every little detail. This strategic, big picture view is designed to equip our audience for engaging with their culture.

We cover news from all three angles, biblical, historical and political. By blending these three, we are able to give our readers a clear and truthful picture of the events of our day.

We strive to maintain a lasting news approach, compared to one and done articles and videos. Our content is just as relevant today, as it was when it was originally written.

Finally, did we mention we are not down n’ out reporting? Yes, there are big giants, but we serve a bigger God!

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Good Report News
  • Does America Now Have Political Prisoners?

    January 6th, 2021, the worst day in America since the Civil War, as Joe Biden called it.

    But was it really?

    For that matter, what does Nazi Germany, the Russian Gulags, and Communism have to do with January 6th?

    This day is extremely important in American history and every citizen needs to h...

  • Convention of States, Yes or No?

    We all want to see our beloved America saved from its slide toward Socialism and Communism. 

    Yet, what is the best way to do this? 

    One idea that has been prevalent in more recent times is a Convention of States, as outlined in Article 5 of the Constitution. 

    So is this the magic bullet to our...

  • The Bible on Race

    As we conclude our four-part series on slavery in America, we have one last aspect that needs to be addressed.

    What does the Bible say about race, segregation, and how to deal with past sins?

    Scripture contains the answers and we guarantee the truth you will hear from its pages is most refreshing!

  • The Reason for the Civil War

    Was the Civil War about the rights of states or about the abolition of slavery?
    Was Abraham Lincoln truly antislavery or did he simply use antislavery rhetoric as a political tool?
    Why did the Confederate Constitution withhold the phrase "in the year of our Lord" from the closing of said docume...

  • Two Colonies Short of Ending Slavery

    "The founding fathers were a bunch of slave holders who didn't want to see slavery ended."

    This is a claim we regularly hear in today's culture. But is it true?

    We dug into some history and found the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. Written by Thomas Jefferson, it clearly answ...

  • Fact-Checking the 1619 Project

    There is a dangerous ideology that has come to town and it is called the 1619 Project. 

    Their claim? America's founding date is not 1776, but 1619 when enslaved Africans were brought to Jamestown and sold to the colonists.

    So, is it a straight-up lie, a half-truth or fact?

    Nathaniel and Christ...

  • Celebrating America

    America is the greatest nation on earth!

    Despite the modern-day lies claiming America was never great, one simply needs to look into the rearview mirror of history to see this claim is completely false.

    So join Nathaniel & Christopher in this special edition of Good Report News, as we celebrate...

  • Question Everything

    We are living in a society where people are not being taught to think critically.
    Instead, those in their circles of influence are simply telling them what to believe.

    Very few if any, are applying the key factor in discerning truth from lies.

    The secret? Question everything.

    This concept is ...

  • Firewall Your State

    The federal government in America is out of control.
    Our inalienable rights are being threatened and restoring them appears to be an impossible task.

    Yet, in looking to Washington D.C. as the answer to our problems, we have forgotten about another seat of government.
    This is where we can affec...

  • Nice Needs To Go

    Evil is rearing its head in America as complete depravity is running rampart in our streets.

    Yet, conservatives & Christians continue to be known as nice people in the face of this deluge of danger.

    Why? Have we lost our warrior spirit?
    Are we really called to be nice as believers and patriots...

  • Celebrating Anti-Pride Month

    There is nothing subtle about this, it is in your face, almost non-stop. An anti-God, anti-family, anti-science, anti-common sense ideology that is being relentlessly pushed on our society.

    Instead of taking it laying down or turning a blind eye to it, it is time we take a stand against this LGB...

  • Immigration is Not a Right

    Kids in cages! Defund ICE! No human is illegal!

    No doubt you have heard these talking points from those who advocate for open borders.

    Yet, how many know the biblical, moral and common sense perspective, that exposes the dangerous ideologies and the harm that comes to innocent life when open bo...

  • The Donald Trump Phenomenon

    As we all know, saying the name "Donald Trump," elicits a wide variety of responses from people, from intense hatred to a deep respect, love and loyalty.

    Needless to say, the Donald Trump phenomenon has swept America and it isn't going away anytime soon.

    In this discussion from Good Report News...

  • Understanding Inalienable Rights

    There is a DEADLY ideology about authority drifting around in the United States and it needs shot down before it destroys the lives of more Americans.

    The dangers of "umbrella authority," the biblical truth about authority and our founding fathers' views on inalienable rights are some of the hig...

  • Will the Church Wake Up?

    As goes the Church, so goes the nation.

    So how do we wake the Church up to the battle for the heart and soul of our nation and the people that reside in America?

    It is a big question and yet, the answer is simpler than one would think.

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

    What is justice? Everyone seems to be talking about it with the trial of Derek Chauvin. 

    Yet, we aren't seeing true justice being presented to our culture by word or by deed.

    So join us as we discuss justice, what it is and what it isn't and the major role social media has played in changing ou...

  • Let's Talk About Masks

    The subject of masks continues to remain a HIGHLY controversial subject in our society. 

    In this video from Good Report News, we provide you with the ammunition you need to address this topic. 

    And the best part, all one needs to deal with this hot topic is some common sense and a historical lo...

  • How to Save America

    We are ready to see freedom restored to this nation again.

    Yet, how do we go about saving America?

    There is an answer, which includes a well-known verse.
    However, this verse constantly has a certain portion omitted, by those who love to cite it.

    So join us in this conversation, we've got a co...

  • The Need for Truth

    Truth is desperately needed in our culture.

    But where does one begin? So many lies swirl about and it is hard to discern truth from falsehood.

    In a hard-hitting, yet refreshing conversation, Nathaniel and Christopher from GRN discuss this need and how truth can indeed be found in these trying t...

  • The Truth About Racism

    The word racism has earned its right as one of the most well-known words of 2020.

    As with COVID-19, truth about this topic has been hard to find. Many are saying one thing and others something else.

    As we have dug into this topic, we have found the truth about racism is hard to swallow and not...

  • The Truth About COVID-19

    To this day, there are a lot of opinions circulating about COVID-19. It is often hard to sort through what is true and what is false.

    In this candid conversation, Nathaniel and Christopher sit down to talk about the facts of COVID-19 and the telling condition of the Church in America during this...

  • How Should the Christian Respond to Black Lives Matter?

    A lot of questions have been raised in our culture. Questions about "race," "skin color," "racism," "police brutality," "black and white" and the list could go on and on.

    Yet, what does Scripture says about these issues? For what values does the "Black Lives Matter" movement stand? How do we as...

  • The Good Report News Difference

    What makes GRN different? In this video, Nathaniel and Christopher answer that question as well as explain the need for Good Report News in the world of media.