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Agent 316: Dead End (Episode 8 Official Trailer)

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Agent 316: Standing Strong (Episode 7 Official Trailer)

Agent 316 Trailers • 1m 14s

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    Agent 316 & Agent 613 launch into Agent 316’s plan for sneaking into the Agency’s Holding Center to rescue some prisoners. It is risky, but Agent 316 feels responsible for the trouble he has caused at the IOT and desires to set things right, even if it costs him his freedom.

    Meanwhile, the m...

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    In a race against time, the Head Agent seeks to strike the final blow in destroying the IOT, while preserving the power of the Agency.

    Agent 613 & Benny team up as they seek to save Agent 316 from his failed plan. Yet, Benny is convinced there is something even more important at stake.
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