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Agent 316 Trailers

  • Agent 316 (Episode 1 Official Trailer)

    What is truth?
    Agent 316 has been part of the Agency for many years. His quick whit and tact have made him one of the most successful agents in the Agency.
    Yet, when the Agency sends him on an unusual mission, he is challenged to reevaluate what he has come to believe is truth...

  • Agent 316: The Return (Episode 2 Official Trailer)

    Something is not right at the Agency and Agent 316 knows it. His arresting of a man from the Institute of Truth has raised many questions in his mind.
    Now, he intends to find answers, even if it means leaving the Agency.

    The Agency however, won't let him slip away that easily…

  • Agent 316: Searching for Truth (Episode 3 Official Trailer)

    Agent 316 meets up with a member of the Institute of Truth as he seeks to find answers to his questions.

    Undeterred by Agent 316's quest for truth, Regnad relentlessly seeks to capture his former comrade from the Agency...

  • Agent 316: Old Friends (Episode 4 Official Trailer)

    Esther Dolb brings Agent 316 & Agent 613 to the Institute of Truth. There at the IOT, both agents are challenged by the truths of God’s Word. Now, both agents will have to make a decision what they are going to do with that truth.

    Regnad begins to close in on Agent 316, confident he will be able...

  • Agent 316: Technological Advancements (Episode 5 Official Trailer)

    Agent 316 receives a crushing blow and recruits Benny to help him recover one of his inventions he created during his time at the Agency. Benny agrees, while encouraging his friend to let the Lord fight his battles instead of taking matters into his own hands.

    Things are looking bleak for the In...

  • Agent 316: Decisions (Episode 6 Official Trailer)

    Agent 316 looks to Agent 613 for some help as he diligently works away in attempting to complete his invention.
    Back at the IOT, Benny seeks to remind Esther that God can change anyone, even agents from the Agency.

    Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger steps in to assist Regnad, as the agent works h...

  • Agent 316: Standing Strong (Episode 7 Official Trailer)

    Agent 316 & Agent 613 conduct a test run of his invention, while Benny seeks to remind James of Christlike love, as the IOT member is determined to take matters into his own hands.

    Regnad finds himself forced to work with the unscrupulous mysterious stranger, while the Head Agent strikes out on ...

  • Agent 316: Dead End (Episode 8 Official Trailer)

    Agent 316 & Agent 613 launch into Agent 316’s plan for sneaking into the Agency’s Holding Center to rescue some prisoners. It is risky, but Agent 316 feels responsible for the trouble he has caused at the IOT and desires to set things right, even if it costs him his freedom.

    Meanwhile, the myste...

  • Agent 316: Time of Shadows (Episode 9 Official Trailer)

    In a race against time, the Head Agent seeks to strike the final blow in destroying the IOT, while preserving the power of the Agency.

    Agent 613 & Benny team up as they seek to save Agent 316 from his failed plan. Yet, Benny is convinced there is something even more important at stake.
    As for ...